• The attacks from the bosses are loosely based on their original ones.
  • Ekoro’s first appearance was in the game Gal*Gun.
  • Beck’s first appearance was as the protagonist of the game Mighty No. 9.
  • Both games (Azure Striker Gunvolt and Mighty No. 9) were produced by Keiji Inafune, ex-Capcom lead artist on the Mega Man franchise.
  • Gunvolt has appeared with both of the other playable characters; him and Ekoro were the first two announced DLC characters in the game Blaster Master Zero, and then starred with Beck in Mighty Gunvolt Burst.
  • The Opening Intro Crawl and the ending text are grammatically incorrect on purpose to replicate bad 80’s translations. The «original translated» one you see above, was translated from the original Japanese script by a fan translator.
  • Beck’s animations are all based on Classic Mega Man’s animations. His Dash action is the same as Classic’s Slide as well Jump + Down.
  • The game includes music and characters from Gal*Gun Double Peace a year before its release.
  • The OST itself has some extra tracks not featured in the game.


Similar to his main series counterpart, Copen is a focused, serious individual, extremely driven and concentrated only on achieving his present goals, having little time or care for small talk or leisure. However, the decades of aimless wondering have clearly had an effect on him, mellowing out his personality considerably and giving him a much more world-weary demeanor.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with his treatment and attitude towards Adepts. Whereas before he loathed the species and had devoted his life to slaughtering them, now he barely even mentions the word «Adept», instead regarding them with a cold indifference; not offering them any mercy or pity, but no longer showing them any hate or prejudice. Most noticeably, he not only spared Blade, an Adept who’d nearly killed him thrice, but encouraged her to stand up and fight, to use her Septima to accomplish good.

Despite his detached, dry exterior, Copen still shows signs of warmth and sympathy, most apparent in his interactions with Kohaku and the Mino children, protecting them (though he uses the excuse of just wanting a base) and risks his life on missions to secure them resources such as food and energy, despite them having nothing to do with his goal. When Kohaku becomes grievously ill, Copen drops everything that he’s doing and rushes to a nearby medical facility despite the high security, his humanity on full display during moments like these.

Having failed in his mission to protect the old world, Copen’s attention has shifted from annihilating all Adepts into instead protecting what little remains of humanity, putting his sister who is in Sumeragi’s clutches to rest, and taking his revenge on the one behind everything, a goal he has had for well over a century. As a result, while he no longer seems to despise Adepts necessarily, he still has a deep hatred and resentment for those who made his family suffer and vowed to avenge them, even if that meant modifying his own body to do so.

Designer Comments

Taking into account this character’s age, his “setting” of an ex-military is a bit forced yet, when I began his design, I had an image of him being around his mid 20s. His motif is the sin of pride and so I had in mind that he’d have a very prideful feeling to him and a fastidiousness of never recognizing anything that didn’t match with his sense of values. In the previous drafts he’d been an older guy but I changed him to have a younger image. His post-transformation form has radially aligned bits on his back which are based on the image of the peacock’s tail feathers. He’s the “leader” guy amongst the 7 bosses and so I was conscious of making him have a bossy silhouette to him when all of the 7 (bosses) were lined up (together).

(Hatakeyama Yoshitaka)


Tenjian is a teenager with short, somewhat spiky white hair. He wears a white suit, a blue waistcoat with gold highlights, black shoes, and a white and black jacket draped over his shoulders with blue and silver highlights. He wears a black belt with a silver buckle and black gloves. His eyes are always shut. He is occasionally seen holding an apple.

In his Grimoired form, Tenjian gains bright blue hair and his eyes open, revealing black eyes, each with a single pale blue pupil. He wears black and gray armor with white and blue highlights, with two wing-like appendages attached to his lower back. His swords are stored in two black half-spheres attached to his shoulders by arm-like appendages. When Tenjian uses his false Glaive, his appearance is identical, although his blue armor is monotone gray, and his eyes remain closed.

Designer Comments

The kanji “satsu (murder)” on the shirt that Gibril wears might look like a (poor fashion) sense from an adult’s perspective but she herself wears it thinking it’s cool, that’s the line I aimed for.

(Hatakeyama Yoshitaka)

It was clear from the start that the little red riding hood would become a wolf and thus the process moved on straight ahead but our opinions on the structure of her parts differed so we did some fine-tuning and detailed exchanges. As a result… She’s the boss that took most time (to complete). The feet in her wolf mode use “that” musical’s animal puppets as reference. Because I felt that (in my design) they didn’t look like a wolf’s feet. Her pre-transformation (look) was always a brown-haired girl with streaked hair. Because I like brown-haired girls (laughs)

(Araki Munehiro)

Mighty Gunvolt

Gunvolt Art #1 (Mighty Gunvolt)

Gunvolt Art #2 (Mighty Gunvolt)

Mighty Gunvolt Burst Art.

Mighty Gunvolt Sprite.

How to play image in Mighty Gunvolt.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst Sprite.

Gunvolt Pixel Sticker.

Another Pixel Sticker.

Copy GV pixel sticker.

Sidebar of Gunvolt in Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Having defeated the Mighty Numbers, GV and Joule and discover a mysterious white material.

And the source of it.

Copy GV, created by Teseo, is revealed as the cause of Beck fighting GV.

GV and Beck team up to defeat Teseo.

GV escaping with the VR world with Joule after she saves him from Teseo’s bottomless pit and reset attempt.

Joule with Gunvolt.




Voltaic Chains.

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Battle Lines

Event Japanese English
Weaponizing 行くぜ!ぐおぉぉっ! ふんっ! Let’s do this!Guooo! Hmph!
1st Phase Down 何を、こなくそ!ゥオオォォッ…覚悟しやがれ… Who do you think you are!?Uoohhh… get ready for this…
Mother of Mercy 食らいやがれ! Eat this!
Rainmaker 悲鳴をあげな!踊れ踊れ! Let me hear you scream!Dance, dance!
Blood Brothers はっ! おらっ!食らいな! Hah! Rah! Take that!
2nd Phase Down やるじゃねぇか…… You’re not half-bad…
Flash of the Blade かっさばく! おぅらっ! I’ll cut you in half! Rah!
Strange World へっ! そこだ! Heh! You’re open!
Dance of Death てぃっ!でりゃっ!クソがっ! Teh! Rahhh! You little…!
Childhood’s End はぁぁ… そらよ! Hah… Here ya go!
Iron Maiden 行くぜ! とっておきを見せてやる…うああああっ! 始めるぜ…アイアンメイデン!おらおらっ! 次! どーした? クッハッハァ!コイツでどうだぁ……ぅぐっ! くぅ…… はぁはぁ…… Let’s do this!Have a look, this is my last resort!Uaaaaa! Let’s go… Iron Maiden!Rah-rah! Next one!What’s wrong?! Kuhahaha! How’s this!?Guh… Ku… Haha!
Upon Defeat ぁうっ! この…痛みは…ぁうっ! チクショウが… Ah! This… pain… is…Ah! Damn it…

Stage Composition


  • This stage is meant to be a showcase of all of Copen’s abilities, such as Bullit-dashing, hovering, deploying Flashfield and EX Weapons, and flailing everywhere with Shred Storm
  • The second section will have a barrage of missiles periodically fly down until you reach the boss. Keep your Flashfield up and you’ll be fine.
  • Breaking the glass window near the end of the stage with your Bullit Dash will yield a 222 «Secret» Kudos Bonus.


This fight with Tenjian is easier than the real one you’ll have later. A number of Tenjian’s follow-up attacks aren’t triggered here, nor their secondary effects. He also doesn’t subject you to ice physics. Not attacking Tenjian for 10 seconds since the beginning of the fight yields a 200 Kudos Bonus.


Gunvolt can only wear one pendant. Most are passive and also provide Prevasion.

Introduced in Azure Striker Gunvolt


Name Description Prevasion Price Sells For
Prevasion Chain Gunvolt’s default pendant. Exclusive to Azure Striker Gunvolt. Enabled N/A N/A
Geist Locket/+ Low Prevasion cost, but increases damage taken. 80 EP 2,100 vg 700 vg
Solid Medallion/+ Prevents knockback. 150 EP 7,200 vg 2,900 vg
Shield Medallion/+ Reduces damage taken. 150 EP 2,100 vg 700 vg
Overflash Pendant/+ Flashfield is stronger, but uses more EP. Exclusive to Azure Striker Gunvolt. Enabled 940 mg
Chargeguard Pendant/+ Gunvolt is temporarily invincible while recharging. 150 EP 12,000 vg 4,000 vg
Barrier Locket/+ Reduces damage taken while using the Flashfield. 150 EP 3,900 vg 1,300 vg
Solid Geist Locket/+ Negates knockback. 110 EP 30,000 vg 16,600 vg
Lethal Lavaliere/+ Makes spikes fatal, but increases Kudos gain by 10% (+ = 20%). Disabled 49,890 vg 13,300 vg
Handmade Pendant Must be worn throughout the entirety of Firmament (Idolatry) to reach Firmament (Azure) and obtain the true ending. Obtained by giving Joule all seven jewels. Exclusive to Azure Striker Gunvolt. Disabled N/A N/A
Broken Pendant Serves the same function as the Handmade Pendant, but also reduces HP to 200. Obtained after completing Firmament (Azure). Exclusive to Azure Striker Gunvolt. Disabled N/A N/A


In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, the Audiolockets are obtained via DLC in the 3DS version, or by default in the Switch version.

Name Description Prevasion Price Sells For
Lumen Audiolocket 1 Always plays the song Beyond the Blue when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in 1st Sumeragi. 130 EP 16,000 vg 5,300 vg
Lumen Audiolocket 2 Always plays the song Nebulous Clock when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in Subaquatic Base. 130 EP 16,000 vg 5,300 vg
Lumen Audiolocket 3 Always plays the song Azure Door when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in Media Tower. 130 EP 16,000 vg 5,300 vg
Lumen Audiolocket 4 Always plays the song Pain from the Past when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in Biochem Plant. 130 EP 16,000 vg 5,300 vg
Lumen Audiolocket 5 Always plays the song Scorching Journey when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in Datastore. 130 EP 16,000 vg 5,300 vg
Lumen Audiolocket 6 Always plays the song Rouge Shimmer when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in Stratacombs. 130 EP 16,000 vg 5,300 vg
Lumen Audiolocket 7 Always plays the song A Zip to the Moon when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in Pharma Lab. 130 EP 16,000 vg 5,300 vg


Name Description Prevasion Price Sells For
Muse’s Pendant Gunvolt’s default pendant. 120 EP N/A N/A
Solid Geist Locket/+ Now reduces damage taken as well as negating knockback. 110 EP 30,000 vg
Stalwart Medal/+ Decreases damage taken while Overheated. 150 EP 3,500 vg 1,100 vg
Awakening Pendant/+ Negates minor damage when Kudos reaches 1000. 150 EP 20,000 vg 6,700 vg
Omega Pendant/+ Reduces HP to 1, but increases Kudos gain by 80% (+ =100%). Disabled 96,410 vg
Sealing Pendant Prevents Joule from singing when Kudos reaches 1000, and also disables Anthem. Unlocked by completing the story. 120 EP 1,000 vg 330 vg
Memento Pendant Increases the chance for Anthem to activate, but reduces HP to 100. Unlocked via having an Azure Striker Gunvolt save in the 3DS version, or by default in the Switch version. Disabled 15,000 vg 5,000 vg
Lethal Levaliere Now reduces HP to 200, otherwise effects remain the same Disabled


Name Description Prevasion Price Sells For
Joule Audiolocket 1 Always plays the song Indigo Destiny when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in Seraph Interior. Disabled 15,000 vg 5,000 vg
Joule Audiolocket 2 Always plays the song Vast Circle when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in Mysterious Manor. Disabled 15,000 vg 5,000 vg
Joule Audiolocket 3 Always plays the song Multi-Universe when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in The Sewers. Disabled 15,000 vg 5,000 vg
Joule Audiolocket 4 Always plays the song Iolite when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in Data Facility.​​​ Disabled 15,000 vg 5,000 vg
Joule Audiolocket 5 Always plays the song A Flash of Azure when Kudos reach 1000. Unlocked by banking 3000+ Kudos in Frozen City. Disabled 15,000 vg 5,000 vg
Joule Audiolocket 6 Always plays the song Stratosphere when Kudos reach 1000. Obtained via DLC in the 3DS version, or by default in the Switch version. 130 EP 16,000 vg 5,300 vg
Lumen Audiolocket 8 Always plays the song Sakura Efflorescence when Kudos reach 1000. Obtained via DLC in the 3DS version, or by default in the Switch version. 130 EP 16,000 vg 5,300 vg


Mytyl is Copen’s twin (younger) sister, who like her twin brother, does not possess any septimal powers. Due to her weak constitution, she spends her days living in a long-term medical care facility. She has been extremely frail since birth, and due to a surgery she had at a very young age, she lost her voice and now communicates with people via a tablet.

Likely do to her frail constitution and being long-term medical care, she is quite small in stature, which gives many people the impression that she and Copen were born many years apart, but they are in fact the same age. Copen does not speak to her at all about his battles.

Offensive Skills

Some skills are damage-dealing and can deal massive damage if used correctly.

Skill Learned at Cost Max Damage Cooldown Time
Astrasphere Level 1 1 SP 120

6/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)

Luxcalibur Level 13 2 SP 250

6/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)

Voltaic Chains Level 40 3 SP 1 Tag = 2002 Tags = 2503 Tags = 3004 Tags = 3505+ Tags = 400

6/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)

Dragonsphere Data Facility (GV2) 0 SP 10 seconds
Crashbolt Mysterious Manor (GV2) 0 SP 10 seconds
Grand Strizer Level 60 (GV2) 3 SP Varies with Kudos 10 seconds



ライトニングスフィア、Lightning Sphere

«Lightning that flickers / Like a star, and purges all / That violate its realm! Astrasphere!»



スパークカリバー、Spark Calibur

«Sacred sword agleam / Barbarous and bathed in blue / Cleaving right from wrong! Luxcalibur!»

Voltaic Chains

Voltaic Chains

ヴォルティックチェーン、Voltic Chain

«Bolts of rebellion / A thunderous voice in his heart / Speaks of one true law! Voltaic Chains!»

Grand Strizer

Grand Strizer

グロリアスストライザー、Glorious Strizer

«Let praise be unleashed / As blades of lightning cleave sky / Yielding great glory!» Grand Strizer!

Gunvolt unleashes a large electrical blade similar to Luxcalibur, but larger and much more powerful. The amount of damage dealt is determined by the amount of Kudos Gunvolt has at the moment of the skill’s activation.

With enough Kudos, it can kill a boss in one hit, making it the single most powerful skill in the series, depending on the amount of kudos. Kudos that has been banked or lost will not affect this skill’s power. Costs 3 SP.



霆龍玉、Tei Ryu Gyoku (Thunderclap Dragon Sphere)

Gunvolt creates a stationary orb of electricity in front of him for a short time that damages foes on contact.



吼雷降、Kou Rai Kou (Roaring Thunder Fall)

A lightning bolt strikes Gunvolt, hitting nearby enemies and any enemies above or below Gunvolt.

Offensive Skills & Kudos

As Gunvolt damages his enemies, he accumulate score multipliers called «Kudos.» When using an offensive skill, Gunvolt accrues 1 Kudos per 1 point of damage. The Kudos count essentially determines the overall performance score in a stage, which in turn determines the rank received at the end of a mission.

The Kudos count continues to increase throughout Gunvolt’s endeavors on stage but will not increase the actual stage score until Gunvolt «locks-in» or applies the multipliers to his current stage score. One effective way to lock-in Kudos is to use an offensive skill. Thus, when anticipating a particularly hard boss fight, one way to salvage the stage score is to use an offensive skill on the boss mid-fight to apply the Kudos multiplier earned thus far to Gunvolt’s total score. Upon locking in, the Kudos count resets to zero.

On another note, if Gunvolt defeats a boss using an offensive skill, he will earn a bonus +500 Kudos before the multipliers are applied to the stage score (e.g., if the Kudos count is at 523 upon use of an offensive skill and the offensive skill lands a finishing blow on the boss, 1023 Kudos multipliers in addition to the Kudos gain from damage dealt to the boss will be applied to the overall stage score).

Support Skills

In addition to offensive skills, Gunvolt can learn a plethora of support skills that can temporarily or instantaneously bolster Gunvolt’s battle capabilities or save him in a pinch. The use of support skills does not «lock-in» the Kudos multipliers to the overall stage score.

Skill Learned at Cost Duration Cooldown Time
Galvanic Patch Level 3 1 SP Instantaneous 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)
Septimal Burst Level 10 1 SP 30 seconds 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)
Split Second Level 18 1 SP Instantaneous 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)
Alchemical Field Level 24 1 SP 30 seconds 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)
Septimal Shield Level 30 (GV2) 1 SP 30 seconds 10 seconds
Galvanic Renewal Level 30 (GV1)/35 (GV2) 2 SP Instantaneous 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)
Infinite Surge Level 50 (GV2) 2 SP 30 seconds 10 seconds
Septimal Surge Level 65 (GV1)/ 70 (GV2) 1 SP 30 seconds 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)

ヒーリングヴォルト、Healing Volt

Galvanic Patch

Septimal Burst

ブーストヴォルト、Boost Volt

Upon use, Gunvolt recovers his EP at a faster rate than usual. Multiple uses do not stack the effects.

Septimal Burst

Split Second

チャージングアップ、Charging Up

Gunvolt instantaneously restores his EP to a full meter. Using this support skill cures Gunvolt of the Overheat or Chaff status.

Split Second

Alchemical Field 

アルケミィライズ、Alchemy Rise

Upon use, Gunvolt will recover health, gain credits, and gain experience at twice the usual rates. The effects of this skill do not apply to the Kudos gain from collecting the hidden characters (i.e., collecting a hidden character will not set your Kudos count to 2,000).

Alchemical Field

リヴァイヴヴォルト、Revive Volt

Gunvolt instantaneously recovers maximum health.

Galvanic Renewal

アンリミテッドヴォルト、Unlimited Volt

Upon use, Gunvolt’s damage output is doubled.

Septimal Surge

Septimal Shield

シールドヴォルト、Shield Volt

Upon use, Gunvolt’s damage taken is halved for a short amount of time. This skill is only available in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

Septimal Shield

Infinite Surge

エターナルヴォルト、Eternal Volt

Upon use, Gunvolt’s EP will never deplete for a short amount of time. This skill is only available in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

Infinite Surge


The equipment category «clips» is exclusive to Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, and takes the role of affecting Gunvolt’s tag capacity. This means that tags are now independent of bullet type.

Name Description Price Sells For
Raphael Clip Gunvolt’s default clip. Allows 3 tags. N/A N/A
Gabriel Clip Allows 2 tags, but slightly increases the Flashfield’s attack power. 16,000 vg 5,300 vg
Michael Clip Allows 1 tag, but greatly increases the Flashfield’s attack power. 30,000 vg 10,000 vg
Uriel Clip Allows 4 tags, but very slightly decreases the Flashfield’s attack power. 3,000 vg 1,000 vg
Raguel Clip Allows 5 tags, but slightly decreases the Flashfield’s attack power. 6,000 vg 2,000 vg
Zerachiel Clip Allows 6 tags, but decreases the Flashfield’s attack power. 10,000 vg 3,000 vg
Ramiel Clip Allows 8 tags, but greatly decreases the Flashfield’s attack power. 16,000 vg 5,300 vg
Lucifer Clip Cannot tag, but increases bolt damage. 10,000 vg 3,300 vg
Dyaus Clip Allows 8 tags, and fires an incredibly powerful bolt when Naga is charged. Unlocked by defeating Copen in the Frozen City in Score Attack mode, which is available via DLC in the 3DS version, or by default in the Switch version.


Merak is a young teenage boy with blue eyes and somewhat spiky, sand-brown hair, with his bangs swept over his right eye. He wears the standard Sumeragi officers uniform, with the jacket unbuttoned, the shirt untucked, and white and black shoes with light blue soles. He also wears a pair of blue headphones.

In his Weaponized form, Merak gains black eyes with blue irises, and his hair turns a bright blue, with dark blue horn-like appendages attached to his head. He wears dark blue armour with glowing light blue highlights, and white gloves. He is usually seen sitting in a matching hovering throne with large mechanical arms.


Azure Striker Gunvolt

The heroine of the story is a 13 year old girl named Joule.

She is the first ever synthetic Adept, created by Sumeragi Group in their laboratories. Her Septimal power, known as the Muse, allows her to enhance the powers of other Adepts through songs usually projected by her alter ego, a virtual pop idol named Lumen.

She is rescued from the clutches of Sumeragi by Gunvolt, at which point the two of them begin to live together.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Joule exists completely in the form of a spirit residing inside Gunvolt’s body. She once existed as a young Adept girl, but upon her untimely death, her spirit was released from her physical body and now exists only in that form.

Once a very shy girl, she has become much bolder since the events of the previous game, in some ways becoming more like her former alter ego, the virtual pop star Lumen.

Her Septimal power is The Muse, which enables her to fully synchronize with Gunvolt and increase his abilities through the power of her singing.

In her previous form as Lumen, she had a more adult-like appearance, but after a certain incident, she lost a large amount of her power and her appearance changed into a more child-like form.

Plot Role

Desna once belonged to a wealthy Russian family, where she was adored for her beauty and precise astrological predictions. However, a riot broke out in her home town lead by an Adept, resulting in discrimination against those with Septima. Fearing for her safety, Desna’s family confined her to her house.

However, she interpreted a message from the stars telling her to travel the world and act as a guide to oppressed Adepts. Taking the message to heart, she used her Septima to flee from her window, and from that point onwards roamed the land, guiding the lost and oppressed, amassing quite the following, whom came to see her as a Goddess.

Once, whilst sleeping in a stable, Desna saw a message in her dreams, telling her to join the adept union Eden and save Adepts. Desna and her followers then joined the group after that, with Desna herself joining The Seven, Eden’s elite, and became known as one of Eden’s «Rooks».

Copen’s Story

Babel (Raveled)

Some time after Eden managed to obtain the power of the Muse, Desna led a band of Eden soldiers to Babel, Sumeragi’s Orbital Elevator, to obtain more data on the Muse, using her hair as makeshift electrical cords to power some of the machinery (and to act as ramps to allow her men to climb up as well).

This draws the attention of Copen, who goes to the tower to stop her and obtain her mirror shard. During their fight, Desna attempts to warn Copen that his quest for vengeance will lead only to abject misery and that he will take with him all that he holds dear, but Copen will hear none of her fortunes and defeats her, claiming her mirror shard.

The Garden 3 (Savior)

As Copen fights his way to the heart of the garden to rescue his sister Mytyl, Zonda summons mirror copies of The Seven to hinder his progress, one of them being Desna. During their fight, Desna expresses worry about the future, foreseeing «a great swell of light and dark that swallows all». Copen ignores her prophecies and defeats her once again before moving on.

Later, during Zonda’s fight with Copen, she uses her Eden’s Presence Special Skill to summon illusions of The Seven to aid her, Desna being among them.

Gunvolt’s Story

The Garden 1 (Eden)

As Gunvolt fights his way to the heart of the Garden to reclaim the rest of the mirror shards, Tenjian sends Desna to stop him.

Desna taunts Gunvolt, calling him a devil whose very existence brings pain to the world with no regard for order. Gunvolt merely retorts that even if he is a devil, it in no way justifies Eden’s actions and engages the Starstruck Beauty in battle, defeating her and claiming her mirror shard.


At the beginning of the game, Joule is freed by QUILL Agent Gunvolt, prompting Sumeragi to begin looking for her. During this time, Gunvolt manages to kill The Sumeragi Seven.

Eventually, Sumeragi manages to track down the muse and recapture her, allowing Project Muse to continue. Unfortunately, Gunvolt heads to the orbital station Firmament and once again frees her, resulting in the deaths of the newly revived Sumeragi Seven, as well as Nova himself, and the failure of Project Muse, sending the Sumeragi Group into a chaotic state.

As a result of the catastrophic failure of Project Muse, the Sumeragi Group found itself losing a massive amount of money, due to all the resources poured into the project. In addition to this, Nova’s death crippled the nation’s defense system, allowing the Adept supremacist group Eden to enter the country and wreak complete havoc.

Sumeragi would continue to face losses thanks to Eden, including having several weapons and robots like the Plasma Legion stolen and their reputation being completely destroyed due to Teseo leaking videos of their human experiments.


English Description

Tenjian has the ability to freeze solid anything in his path with his “Permafrost” septima. He wields a total of seven ice-covered bladed weapons made up of swords, sickles, and chakrams in combat. His ingenuity is easily one of his strongest traits, and one of the qualities that allowed him to become the leader of The Seven.

His bladed arsenal isn’t just sharp, though. The blades on his weapons are frozen at temperatures that plummet below even absolute zero, to the point where simply coming into contact with them will cause the person’s molecular structure to lose its pliability, causing them to shatter where they stand.

English Website Description

Lumen is a pop star promoted by the media-owning Sumeragi Group, and is currently the most popular idol in the nation.

However, Lumen is but an avatar; a projection created by Joule’s Septimal power, which takes on an entire form of its own completely separate from Joule. Unlike Joule, she has a very strong personality and is very much a free spirit.

According to Lumen, however, this is just a manifestation of the person Joule truly wants to be.

Even though the Sumeragi Group is promoting her as a pop star, she is in fact being used to locate other adepts that resonate with her ever-powerful Muse ability. These Adepts are then found and captured by Sumeragi.

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