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Is not a clon of anything but remains me 2 fragances on two deferent stages! The opening is Airy and cloudy like Joy Amin said on his review! Also have some switnes that’s remains me a little on Azzaro Bright Visit! But in the dry down is like a lighter and a slightly sweeter version of Dior home 2020 just in the dry down!

Jul 22 2020


I get a somehow appealing freshness which fades away after about 5 mins. After that it becomes a mixture out of sandalwood and vetiver, lying more on the vetiver side with the tiniest amount of smoke mixed in. Ambroxan is non detectable for me. I wished for a youthful approach on vetiver but it isnt as fresh and uplifting as I thought it might be. As much as I wanted to like it I have to give it a pass.

Mar 12 2020


I just got this, blind buy. I was hoping it would blow me away, looking at the notes base on Fragrantica. However I was super disappointed when I spray the first spray. I thought «generic» so I sprayed it on a paper card. I know think I was to quick to judge it the way I did. I sprayed some on me to test. My reason was my exceptions; apple, cardamom and grape fruit. I thought sweet opening but no, more of a shower gel vibe think axe. Like I said before, the dry down started to win me over, the «manly» notes came in leather, cedar and so on. I think the sandalwood really smooths out the leather into the woody notes well. I will have to wear this more, now that it’s getting warm.

Mar 11 2020


This smells like antonio banderas blue seduction in the opening then as it dries down it then adds some leather and woody notes. Not really my type of scent but it may work well in the office or in a semi formal event

Nov 16 2019


A very versatile and safe fragrance that smells absolutely amazing. To me it kinda has the feel of a suede leather interior of a high end new sports car. Performance is average at around 5 hours but the smell and the pricetag easily make up for it. I give it a 9/10
All the dislikes are clearly just the typical fragrantica trolls who have never even smelled the fragrance.
Edit: After having this for about a month and waring it many times, ive realised the drydown has a very slight smoke feel with the suede which actually makes it more interesting. Also over time ive realised the opening somewhat makes me think of versace pour homme but overall it doesnt smell like that fragrance.

Sep 23 2019


This fragrance is good and very well blended, everything speaks quality. What I get is musk, apple, sandalwood and a pinch of vetiver mixed leather.
A safe fragrance, to me is similar to Chrome Intense from Azzaro, not a clone but somewhere in that line.
Overall a really good office scent.
I blind bought this thanks to Joy Amin (msajoy)

Jun 28 2019


I tried this one today. I expected something a lot more aggressive but it ended up being a well balanced mass appealing woody ambroxan scent. Doesn’t deserve all this hate TBH, it might not be the most innovative, amazing or outstanding but it will smell pleasant for most of the population and it’s kind of versatile as well. At most I’d say this is boring but by no means bad.

Jun 22 2019


first of all fragrantica should do something about idiots who just hate a fragrance without even trying it, seeing notes break down or a house.this is one amazing unique fragrance.its not loud and its not weak. its very airy cloudy kind of perfume.its semi fresh with apple and grapefruit, then gets spicy with cardamom and semi dark with suede and ambroaxan, its so pleasing to the nose, all year round, its not an acquatic or sauvage clone.its not similar to anything…perhaps a tiny bit of freshness of cardamom and suede from dunhill icon may be.but this is an original release.amazing heavy bottle and juice color.bravo Bentley…you never fail to entertain me 🙂

May 22 2019


It smells like something from the early 2000s that I can’t place. A marriage of that vintage freshness with the synthetic ambroxan, not entirely different from the marriage of aquatic to ambroxan in Dylan Blue. Same feel.

Apr 20 2019


Nobody have smelled this scent yet? The creator is a genious, has made my favs (ph1, magnetism, absolute), but comitted crimes too, for example the hommage voyageur, so i don’t dare without any review:(

Apr 04 2019

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