Buick electra 225 1963

Vehicle Description

If you love big GM cars like I do, the Electra 225 (Deuce and a Quarter) is about as good as it gets.  The Buicks were always just a notch below a Cadillac.  Typically, they were well appointed and owned and driven by a person with means.

 This car fill that bill perfectly.  It was sold new in Michigan, but after a short time, the owner moved to Florida.  It seems they must have been somewhat well-off, as no expense was spared to maintain this car in excellent condition.  On top of that, they retained almost all of the documents from purchase to maintenance to ownership history.

 You will find the original Purchase Agreement, Owner’s Guide, Warranty information and registration cards.  There is even the glovebox computer punch card for the build. 

This car was built with plenty of options.  Of course it has the Wildcat 401 V8 and the Turbine Drive automatic transmission.  It was ordered with power steering and brakes, Air conditioning, power windows and seat, Wonder Bar radio with power antenna, remote outside mirror and tinted glass, inside trunk release, tilt column, courtesy lamps and speed warning buzzer.

Much was done to keep the car reliable and attractive.  I found a 1975 receipt for the installation of new seat covers and door panels.  There are piles of receipts for mechanical maintenance including engine rebuild, suspension, and exhaust, brake and air conditioning repairs.  The car was repainted in 1997 to a finish very close to the Desert Sand that was applied by the factory in Flint, MI.

Most recently, the ignition system experienced a tune up, new tires and brakes were installed and the fluids were changed.  Not too long ago the master cylinder and booster were replaced.  Seat belts were installed for the front seat.

You will find the floors and frame of this car to be very solid and without repair.  The underside has not been repainted or restored, so you will see a light coat of surface rust.

The body is in nice condition, however, I am certain there have been some repairs.  They have held up very well, considering the repaint was done over twenty years ago.  There as some chips, small scratches and touch ups, yet the car looks very nice from ten feet.  The paint has a nice gleam.

The tinted glass is all in nice condition.  The chrome is also nice.  The rear bumper has a couple of dents that tell me it was stored in a garage barely long enough for the total length of 18.5 feet.  The emblems are all correct and in place.  The pot metal is showing a few pitted areas, but still looks very nice.

All features work properly, including the power windows.  The air conditioning system works, but will need to be fully charged with Freon in order to cool properly.  It still has some in the system, but not enough to trip the pressure switch.  The radio, wipers, gauges, lights and locks work as expected.  Even the glovebox operated trunk release works.  There is a jack, wrench and spare in the trunk.  The doors lock with the key.

This is a huge car.  It is heavy and it is long.  It rides like a dream.  Yet the 401 Wildcat V8 propels it with ease.  What an awesome highway cruiser!

You will be cruising in high style in a car that is nicely equipped and fun to drive.  I love these big GM boats and hope that you find this Buick Electra 225 hardtop sedan as desirable as I do.

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