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Changan University has a great scale of programs to teach. So far its number has reached to 75 bachelors, 95 postgraduate as well as 46 Ph.D. faculties. These programs are mainly focused on teaching linguistics, educational, medical, and economic and other types of fields.

When it comes to the total are of the institution, it can cover 1.7 million, which makes the university so popular with large campus area. Outside the campus, there is a beautiful garden around the campus, which makes the university more attractive to visitors.

Changan University has created lots of convenience for learners as well as tutors. They can utilize the university’s facilities and services at any time. For example for the university staff, there is the opportunity for digital teaching throughout the campus. Here Computer Network for academic use that both students and teachers benefit from these by conducting interactive and media-based lessons.


In this development stage, the university has taken lead in the achievement of exploration as well as advanced education. Students who graduated the university has shown a higher percentage in the scale of getting hired. This changes and progress are continuing until now. Generally, there are over 200 higher schools throughout China, our university takes top 100 universities list.

Neubig Education informs that the rank of Changan University now leaped to among best 100 institutions. This kind of higher outputs and chances motivates the university to struggle to create a better academic atmosphere for both national and international students. In order to achieve this plan, Changan University is taking the quality of education and exploration in consideration in the road of development. For future, there has been already arrangements for raising the value and influence of the university into the worldwide rate and provide top education source.

International relationship

Officially, the university started to enroll an applicant from 1950s. Since that time, almost 4100 graduates from 69 states like the US, Germany, Japan, and others have finished their programs at Changan University. Currently, the number of foreign students can reach up to over 700.

One of the specialties of Changan University is that it funded students from abroad before any other institution. Taiwan, Macao, and other foreign learners benefited from the help of the university. Changan University has been developing its international strength year by year, by setting collaboration with 130 universities. Also, it has also a relationship with the US, UK, Russia and other developed countries in terms of scientific and exploration purposes.

The university takes care of talented youth across the students, therefore it has been already a member of several programs for developing gifted ones. By establishing some competitions with foreign institutions it has also strengthened cooperation with Russian higher college called Rostov Architectural University. For some years Changan University becomes the main avenue for meetings on the foreign scale as well as local degree.

I. Chang’an University Chinese Government Scholarship Eligibility

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese national and be in good health.

2. Education background and age limit:

3. Requirements for language:

Program Requirements
Chinese-Medium Programs HSK Band 4 with scores above 180
English-Medium Programs TOEFL IBT 68 or above;IELTS 5.5 or above;Condition of exemption of submitting English level certificates: English-speaking students (Countries with English as the official language, common language or native language).
Remark: The students who have Chinese-Medium Programs can be provided with Chinese language course for one year.

II. Content and Criteria of Chang’an University Chinese Government Scholarship

1. Exempt from registration fee, tuition and fee for accommodation;

2. Monthly Living allowance:

  • Bachelor’s degree students: RMB2,500.
  • Master’s degree students: RMB 3,000.
  • Doctorate degree students: RMB 3,500.

3. Comprehensive Medical Insurance for international students in China.


IV.Chang’an University Chinese Government Scholarship Application Procedure

Print two copies of the application form.

*Agency No: 10710

*Program Category:Type B

3. Apply at:

Print two copies of the application form.

Pay RMB 600 yuan for the application fee online(Pay application fee online at your home page at

4. Post the following application materials together to Chang’an University (CHD):

(1)《CSC Application Form》(Chinese or English).

(2)《Application Form for Foreign Students to CHD》(Chinese or English).

(3)Highest diploma (original copy and translated photocopy). The applicant must submit On-study Certificate issued by his/her university, if he/she is an on-campus student.

(4) Relevant notarized transcripts for those applying for master’s or doctorate degree programs (original copy and translated photocopy).

(5) A study or research plan in Chinese or in English (no less than 500 words).

(6) Academic recommendation. Two reference letters in Chinese or English from professors or associate professors.

(7) Foreigner Physical Examination Form must be filled in English. The results are valid for six months.

(8) A Conditional Acceptance Letter of CHANG’AN UNIVERSITY.doc from the supervisor for doctorate degree programs.

(9) Applicants who apply for Chinese-Medium Programs submit HSK transcripts (Those who need one-year Chinese remediation don’t need to submit them).

(10) Applicants who apply for English-Medium Programs submit transcripts of TOEFL IBT or IELTS (Students in Countries with English as the official language, common language or native language are exempt from the submission).

(11) Applicants can submit certificates of academic achievements and all kinds of cultural and sports activities.

(12)Application Deadline: April 30, 2020(The deadline for our receipt of hard copy).


– The materials above shall be provided only in Chinese or English and the certificates and transcripts must be Notarization documents.

– Please bind the above materials in the upper left corner in the order listed above. (In duplicate)

– No matter being admitted or not, the application materials or registration fee will not be returned.

V.Chang’an University Chinese Government Scholarship Admission Procedure

3. The Office of International Student Recruitment will post Admission Notices and Visa application forms (JW201) to successful applicants in early July.

Ⅵ. Chang’an University Chinese Government Scholarship CONTACTS
  1. Delivery address

Address: Admissions Office, International Education School,Chang’an University, Middle-section of Nan’er Huan Road Xi’an, ShaanXi Province, China

Tel: +86-29-82334270

Post code: 710064

Tel: +86-29-82334270

Address: Office105

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