Wisteria & lavender cologne jo malone london для мужчин и женщин

Café & Shop

(COVID UPDATE At the moment our cafe is offering take away menu of freshly made delicious sandwiches, cakes, cookies, ice creams hot and cold drinks and snacks.  We are unable to offer our afternoon teas but our Cream teas are available without the need to pre-order.)  At our farm you can enjoy a delicious, fresh lunch or snack at our relaxed, al fresco café with picnic tables.  Whether you fancy a panini, burger (Burgers cancelled due to Covid 19)or a piece of our gorgeous home-made cake, we have it covered and much more besides!  You can also order a lavender cream tea for an extra special touch or enjoy food from the barbecue (BBQ Cancelled due to Covid 19) during July and August.  We are licensed to sell a range of alcoholic drinks including our unique lavender cider!  Before you leave, don’t forget to visit our shop to buy one of our lavender plants for your garden, or simply treat yourself to our lavender products including toiletries, culinary treats or a beautiful bunch of fresh lavender.

Please remember that we do not permit food or picnics to be brought onto our farm.

Tractor Rides & Tours & Party Area

(Unfortunately we cannot run tractor rides due to the Covid 19 situation) Take a tour with a difference!  A tractor ride around our farm is a wonderful and effortless way to experience the undulating purple expanse of our gorgeous organic lavender.  At the height of the season you will be able to see the three different varieties of lavender grown by us all in bloom, along with our very happy bees and butterflies. Tractor rides cost £2 per person (Babes in arms are free) and there is no need to book as tickets can be bought from our shop or cafe. We generally start from 10.30am and a circuit of the farm takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The tractor runs throughout the day if there is demand.

(Unfortunately we cannot rent out our party areas until further notice due to the Covid 19 situation) And did you know that you can hold your own private party in the middle of all this loveliness?  Our two gazebos seat 16 people each and are available for hire during opening hours. Private tours can also be arranged, minimum of 12 people. (Unfortunately we cannot offer private tours until further notice die to Covid 19)  If interested, contact [email protected]

Photography & Video Competition

Each year we run a fun photography competition for visitors to our farm. Entry is primarily for fun but to make it interesting we offer a prize of £200 cash for the entry we like the most. We receive lots of entries each year so to see what it takes to be a contender you can take a look at the previous winners and runners up in our photo competition galleries. Last year for the first time we also ran a video competition and had some wonderful videos submitted. You can see the winning video on our videos page. Remember that while we offer a prize for the winner, we run the competitions for fun so we hope you enter in the same spirit!


Parking is FREE to visitors who have paid the entrance fee of £4.  Our car park has limited capacity.  We try to accommodate as many cars as possible but once the car park is full we must (for safety reasons) restrict entry.   On days when our car park is full we direct cars to a friendly local sports club (if they have space available).  They operate independently so they may make a charge for the use of their parking facility.  The way back to our farm is over a stile situated about 50m from the entrance of the Rugby Club on the opposite side of the road.   5.45pm is the last entry time for cars to our farm and the gate to our farm is locked at 7pm so all cars must have been removed by then to avoid being locked in.

Disabled Parking / Accessibility / Toilet

We offer disabled parking which is adjacent to our Cafe and Shop.  We also hire specific disabled portable toilet facilities. We are on Metropolitan Greenbelt land so we are not permitted to build a permanent toilet building. The portable toilets are a pragmatic solution and are cleaned frequently throughout each day.

The shop and cafe are next to the lavender so you can enjoy a lovely view over the farm.  There are no steps to negotiate but the surface of our car park is a coarse covering of stone so care should be taken if walking. You can also take one of our popular tractor rides and experience the farm at a leisurely pace. For more information on visiting us please see our FAQs page.

English Lavender Мнения об ароматах


Atkinsons English Lavender — спокойная и гармоничная уравновешенность, позволяющая всегда и везде выглядеть благородно, мирно и величаво.

Aug 14 2019

Juliette La Ciel

Как хороша эта лаванда в холод! Она как оркестр, в который пришел строгий дирижер Дед Мороз, собирается воедино, начинает играть во весь дух, становится кисловато-колкой, задиристой. Утренний бодрячок, мороз и солнце!

Nov 13 2018


Лето. Жаркое лето. English Lavender как глоток воды, как дуновение такого долгожданного ветерка. И это не просто свежий аромат — это абсолют свежести и прохлады. Когда его создавали о гендерных различиях не думали, просто гений его творца представил очень жаркое лето…

Jul 23 2017


Соглашусь, это близко к дорогому старинному автошейву, лаванда/ мох/ мускус

May 07 2016


При чем здесь женщины? это мужская туалетная вода — вернее одеколон. Может в 1799 г. его изобретали для дам, но как минимум с середины 20 столетия и по наши дни им пользуются мужчины, да и везде(интернет) в продаже он заявлен как мужской (не путать со спреями edt в цилиндрических флаконах с тем же названием, но как мне кажется, другим ароматом).
В оффлайне расставлен на дамских полках.
Под крышкой флакон запечатан алюминиевой фольгой, на манер аптечной склянки.
Красивый, гладкий, практически моно-аромат лаванды — ну чуть тархуновый, лимонадный.
Муж носит (обоняю- очень нравится), а на мне чисто мыло.

May 07 2016

Juliette La Ciel

Очень достоверная лаванда.
Поскольку я сравниваю с большим количеством других лаванд, с отдушкой для шкафа сравнить не могу. Эта лаванда не самая резкая.
Здесь, по-моему, весьма удачно не высовываются вездесущие бобы тонка и мускус, которые заслащивают и запудривают многие другие лаванды. Эта остается лавандой до самого конца. Пусть и не слишком стойкая, цена позволяет расходовать без сожалений.
По изяществу базы эта лаванда у меня на втором месте после непревзойденного и безвременно ушедшего О де ла Рекольт Блё ЛОкситан. На третьем месте из-за цены Императорская Лаванда Санта Мария Новелла.
Английская лаванда — лучший выбор, если хочется просто много горьковатой травянистой лаванды по приятной цене.

Dec 07 2015


Верхние ноты, в основном бергамотно-шалфейные, несколько колючи и старт похож на аптечный склад. Напомнил винтажный аромат от Новой Зари «Кристалльный» в огромном хрустальном флаконе 70-х годов.
Но очень быстро шалфей сходит полностью, уступая место лаванде с розмарином и с мшистой декорацией. Аромат растекается по телу нежнятиной, становится суше и теплее. Насколько колюче начало, настолько мягче база. Такую нежную, теплую лаванду не встречала.

Jul 26 2015


Нежная, свежая, успокаивающая лаванда.

Oct 11 2011

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Cotswolds Lavender, Worcestershire

Take a trip to the classic English countryside with a visit to a third-generation family farm set in the heart of the Cotswold Hills. Beginning in 1999 with just a few plants, the lavender fields now boast over 40 different varieties, 140 miles of rows and over 500,000 plants in total. Unfortunately, the distillery is not open this year due to the coronavirus, but visitors can still benefit from the relaxing smell and stock up on products such as lavender oil and even chocolate online. Early-mid July is supposedly the best time to see the fields, but they will continue to be open until the end of July and possibly later depending on whether the lavender keeps flowering.

WHERE: Hill Barn Farm, Snowshill, Worcestershire, WR12 7JY — Nearest station is Moreton in Marsh

WHEN: 22 June — 26 July, open 10am — 5pm daily

Entry fee: £4 for adults, £2 for children under 15

Castle Farm, Kent

Just a stone’s throw from the village of Shoreham, Castle Farm sits on the remains of an old Norman Castle dating around the 1100s. Home to the UK’s largest lavender farm, stop by the award-winning farm shop ‘The Hop Shop’, to get your hands on Lavender oils, food essences, Lavender teas and honey, as well as carefully selected gifts, cards, crafts, seasonal decorations, food hampers and local, traceable produce. Endlessly beautiful and bursting with colour, this year access to the lavender fields is only available via a pre-booked time slot to allow for safe social distancing, so make sure you book in advance!

WHERE: Castle Farm, Redmans Lane, Shoreham, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14 7UB

WHEN: Open from Wednesday — Sunday 10am — 5pm, however, anyone looking to visit must pre-book. 

Entry fee: £4.25 for adults, £2.25 for 5-15 years

Our Farm

Our 25 acre lavender farm with café and shop is located in Banstead (Woodmansterne), Surrey – approximately 15 miles from Central London. Our farm is a popular visitor attraction throughout summer where you can wander through a sea of beautiful organic lavender.  The lavender normally starts to bloom towards the middle to end of June and the peak time is July and August however the weather can influence this so be sure to check our website for information (see our frequently asked questions section) before your visit.  During the peak of the season it can get very busy on weekends so we recommend that you plan a week-day visit if possible. Please remember that we do not permit picnics anywhere on our farm.

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