Mercedes benz 560 sec

Mercedes-Benz SEC AMG models: monster machines

By the time the Mercedes-Benz SEC debuted, the Germans had made a name for themselves in regards to efficiency and performance. Their Mercedes-Benz SEC was one of the best and most efficient luxury tourers around. The AMG endeavour marked a shift in direction though, abandoning luxury to focus on raw power. The Mercedes-Benz SEC CL600 AMG being the first of 4 performance models (the other 3 being the CL70, CL72 and CL73). The Mercedes-Benz SEC CL600 AMG, released in ’94, boasted a 6L V12 engine which could reach max speeds of approximately 288kmh while generating 439bhp. The Mercedes-Benz SEC CL70 AMG could do even better, reaching top speeds of almost 300kmh. This was chiefly due to its superior engine, which could output a colossal 496bhp from a 7L V12. The 0-100 time meanwhile was also 5.2 seconds, .6 seconds faster than the CL600 AMG.

Mercedes Benz SEC: early days

After the debut of the C140 in early 1992, the Mercedes-Benz SEC class of cars turned many heads due their sleek chassis, beautiful trademark Mercedes appearance and raw power. The first generation Mercedes-Benz SEC C140 had 7 models released in total, over a 7 year period. During that time, the base Mercedes-Benz SEC C140-CL420 model was outfitted with a 4.2L V8 engine capable of outputting 275bhp and reaching top speeds of almost 150kph. The more powerful CL500 was hailed by many as the most powerful Mercedes-Benz SEC model with respect to price and featured a 5L V8 outputting 315bhp with the same top speed. Except, that the latter model could reach 100kmh in 7.5 seconds, this was 1 second faster than the Mercedes-Benz SEC CL420.

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