Vauxhall astra h

Fuse Layout Opel Astra H 2004-2009

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Opel Astra are the fuses #29, #30 and #35 in the luggage compartment fuse box.

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Engine Compartment Fuse Box

Using a flat-type screwdriver, press the two locks on the side and remove the cover.

Fuse Box Diagram


Assignment of the fuses in the engine compartment

Amp Description
1 20A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
2 30A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
3 30A A/C heater fan
4 30A A/C heater fan
5 30A or 40A Radiator fan
6 20A or 30A or 40A Radiator fan
7 10A Windscreen washers (front and rear)
8 15A Horn
9 25A Windscreen washers (front and rear)
10 Not Used
11 Not Used
12 Not Used
13 15A Fog lamp
14 30A Windscreen wiper (front)
15 30A Windscreen wiper (rear)
16 5A Electronic control systems, Open&Start, ABS, Sunroof, stop light switch
17 25A Fuel filter heater
18 25A Starter
19 30A Transmission
20 10A Air conditioner compressor
21 20A Engine control module (ECM)
22 7.5A Engine control module (ECM)
23 10A Headlight leveling, Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL)
24 15A Fuel pump
25 15A Transmission control module (TCM)
26 10A Engine control module (ECM)
27 5A Power steering
28 5A Transmission control module (TCM)
29 7.5A Transmission control module (TCM)
30 10A Engine control module (ECM)
31 10A Headlight leveling, Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL)
32 5A Brake system fault indicator lamp, air conditioning, clutch pedal switch
33 5A Headlight leveling, Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL), Outdoor light control unit
34 7.5A Steering column module control unit
35 20A Infotainment system
36 7.5A Mobile phone, digital radio receiver, Twin Audio system, multifunction display
К1 Starter relay
К2 Engine control module (ECM) relay
КЗ Output «5»
К5. Windscreen wiper mode relay
К6 Windscreen wiper activation relay
К7 Headlight washer pump relay
К8 Air Conditioner Compressor Relay
К10 Fuel Pump Relay
К11 Radiator fan relay
К12 Radiator fan relay
К13 Radiator fan relay
К14 Fuel filter heating relay (diesel)
К15 Heater fan relay
К16 Fog light relay

The fuse box is on the right side of the boot. Turn the two clips 90 degrees and fold the cover down.


Fuse Box Diagram

Assignment of the fuses in the trunk

Amp Description
1 25A Front power windows
2 Not Used
3 7.5A Instrument panel
4 5A Air Conditioning System
5 7.5A Airbag
6 Not Used
7 Not Used
8 Not Used
9 Not Used
10 Not Used
11 25A Rear window defogger
12 15A Rear window wiper
13 5A Parking aid
14 7.5A Air Conditioning System
15 Not Used
16 5A Right front seat occupancy sensor, Open&Start system
17 5A Rain sensor, air quality sensor, tire pressure monitoring system, internal rearview mirror with auto-dimming
18 5A Instruments, switches
19 Not Used
20 10A Damping Dynamic Control System (CDC)
21 7.5A External rear-view mirrors heater
22 20A Sliding roof
23 25A Rear power windows
24 7.5A Diagnostic Connector
25 Not Used
26 7.5A Folding exterior mirrors
27 5A Ultrasonic sensor, anti-theft alarm system
28 Not Used
29 15A Cigar lighter / Front power outlet
30 15A Rear power outlet
31 Not Used
32 Not Used
33 15A Open&Start system
34 25A Sliding roof
35 15A Rear power outlet
36 20A Towbar socket
37 Not Used
38 25A Central lock, Output «30»
39 15A Front left seat heater
40 15A Front right seat heater
41 Not Used
42 Not Used
43 Not Used
44 Not Used
К1 Output «15» of the ignition switch (lock)
К2 Output «15a» of the ignition switch (lock)
КЗ Rear window heating relay
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